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Sir Winston Churchill once said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest. He is right. Its the best form of government but it also has its flaws. I think that its flaws endanger democracy and needs to be fixed. This blog is for like minded people who want to see democracy improved. I invite people to sumbit essays. I will publish even those I do not agree with so long as I find them interesting.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Here is a comment by Fjordman from the Gates of Vienna that I believe is relevant to
this blog :


"When I criticize democracy, this should not be taken as an indication
that I believe in elitist rule. I criticize it because it clearly
doesn't automatically ensure freedom of speech and security for life
and property, which is the hallmark of true liberty. Another problem
is that it isn't always the best system for long-term decisions
because people tend to prefer short-term gains. I still believe,
however, that there should be a powerful element of real public
influence, to curtail the potential for absolute rulers and abuse of
power. We have clearly veered too far in the direction of the latter
with the EU, where the ruling elites have skillfully eliminated any
constraints on their power.

The democratic system has significant flaws, but it worked to some
extent as long as there was sense of being a demos, a people with a
shared identity and common interests. What we are witnessing now is
the gradual breakdown of this demos, starting from the top down.
Powerful groups frequently have more in common with the elites in
other countries than they have with the average citizen in their own.
If you no longer believe in your nation as a real entity with a
specific culture, it simply becomes a tool for obtaining power, a
stepping stone for your global career. Without a pre-political
loyalty, emotional ties or even a pragmatic interest in supporting
nation states, the democratic system becomes a vehicle for
distributing favors to your friends at home and abroad, for fleecing
the voters while in power and hopefully ensuring a lucrative
international career along the way. You will have few moral
inhibitions against importing voters from abroad for maintaining power
or because your business buddies who give you financial support desire
it. This process is related to technological globalization, but it has
gone further in the self-loathing West than in any other civilization.

Average citizens who still identify with their nation states thus keep
electing people who betray their trust. Since the elites identify
little with the nations they are supposed to serve, more power to them
will only make matters worse, as it already has in Europe. Corrupt and
incompetent individuals will always exist. If you get a corrupt leader
every now and then you are dealing with a flawed individual. If you
constantly, again and again, get corrupt leaders you are dealing with
a flawed system. Our political system is now deeply flawed. The
problem is that I cannot easily see how to fix it

Fjordman is a great thinker who also realises that the democratic system has flaws in it. This blog is dedicated to people who think likewise and wish to discuss ways of reforming democracy.


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