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Monday, May 28, 2007

Obama & Hillary votes for defeat

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has voted against the troops funding bill to court the anti-war vote.

These two votrepreneurs (politicians) are between a rock and a hard place. They have to please the anti-war crowd but cannot be seen by the average American as been unpatriotic by not supporting US troops at a time when they are facing danger.

Voting against the bill because it does not have a time-table for withdrawal has its risk. If in the next few months, the situation improves, the anti-war sentiments will decline and they will be left high and dry. Their public demand for a time-table for US withdrawal will look foolish at best or unpatriotic at worse and they cannot claim any credit for an American victory.

On the other hand, if the situation continues to be sour and anti-war sentiments incease, then they stand to reap more votes for appearing to be wise and farsighted. They stand to gain from an American defeat.

The two must have made the calculations and decided that the US will fail or at least be perceived to have failed. Things will go badly and anti-war sentiments will increase thereby allowing them to win more votes.
That is why politics is like business. The politician is an entrepreneur who has to anticipate public trends just like a retailer has to predict fashion trends. Get it right and you win. Get it wrong and you lose money or votes. That is why I call politicians votrepreneurs. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have betted on and are now hoping for an American defeat.


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