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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is Holland heading towards the 7th century?

It is reported in NISNEWS that the Labour Party is trying to muzzle a young Labour party member for fear of angering its Muslim voters.

The young member, Ehsan Jami, was fighting for the rights and safety of Muslim apostates. Shariah Law dictates that apostates are to be put to death. This is something I have warned against in my earlier article, Will Muslim Immigration destroy western Democracy?

It must be remembered that votrepreneurs (politicians) cannot be counted on to protect our liberties. Their main interest is in gaining or retaining political power. That is why in this case, the Labour Party wants Eshan Jami to shut up. They know that Islam cannot tolerate apostates and a party member fighting for the rights of religious freedom will lose them Muslim votes.

As the number of Muslim immigrants grow, democracy will become less and less viable. Ironically, the one-man-one-vote system may end up reducing our liberties. If there is one more vote from people who cherishes 7th century Shariah Laws than from people who values the Enlightenment, then your society goes back to the 7th century. Its as simple as that.

The freedom of choice of one's religion has been a hard won gain in Europe after years of religious conflicts. Holland has traditionally been a very free society. In medieval times, the persecuted Huguenots fled to Holland in search of religious freedom.

But as the Muslims increase as a percentage of the Dutch population, its society will become more and more like a Muslim majority country. The average Muslim country fares very poorly in terms of personal freedom and democratic rights as I pointed out in my earlier article, "Will Muslim immigration undermine Western Democracy". Thus we can expect the hard won liberties to be gradually reduced in Holland. The Ehsan Jami case won't be the last.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You assume that any person born in a muslim family will consider that the centre of their identity.

Most muslims are eid and ramadan worshippers, like most european christians are christmas and easter type people. Plus births, marriage and death.

Some of this strong religion is just a backlash of the immigration process, heralding integration and normality.

relax. people have said the same things before about catholicism and that.

islam is heading for a nervous breakdown maybe, no big deal


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