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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Spy who Hate me.

Recently, Congressional leaders were outraged at the CIA and Dick Cheney for allegely not telling them about plans to kill Al Qaeda leaders. Hello? Have they been reading their newspapers?

Ever since the Afghanistian war following 911, the US army has been dropping bunker busting bombs on suspected hide-outs where Osama bin laden may have been hiding. All this while the CIA has been using predator drones to bomb and kill Al-Qaeda leaders all over the world.

They are still doing it in Pakistan and Afghanistan under a Democrat President. Nearly all politicians, including Barack Obama, have publicly called for the killing or capture of Osama bin Laden. Now, they are suddenly outraged that the CIA has plans to assasinate him and other Al Qaeda leaders? Have Congressional leaders been watching TV? Of course, the alleged plans were for a more surgical way of killing such as by poison, a favorite method by the KGB. This is in fact a better method than dropping bombs from Predators as it would minimise collateral damage.

So what is happening? Votrepreneurs (my term of contempt for politicians) want to win votes. The ones bashing the CIA are Congressional Democrats wanting to please their voters must pretend to be outraged at the CIA for allegely not telling them about their plans during the previous (Republican) administration.

Earlier in the year, Senator Pelosi accused the CIA of misleading Congress. She claimed that she was unaware that the CIA was waterboarding Al Qaeda captives to obtain information. Her lie was exposed by current and former CIA directors who revealed that she knew all along. That she knew that such aggressive interrogation techniques were necessary to protect lives was obvious or she would have objected. But such methods are unpopular with her naive Liberal voters. So she lied and pretended not to know.

The more recent case of pretending not to know it was US policy to kill Al Qaeda leaders is even more ridiculous since it was plain to all who has eyes to see. You don't even need to be briefed if you watch TV. In war, you are supposed to kill your enemies.

But the upshot is that CIA agents are demoralized by all this. They are needed to protect the country from its enemies. This is not the way to run a war. But votrepreneurs don't care. Their main objective is promoting themselves. The welfare of the country, as usual, come second. They can't be loved by the spies at the CIA.


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